Vancouver Beauty Dance World

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210-7911 Alderbridge Way ,Richmond 1205 Pinetree Way,Coqiutlam / Evergreen Culture Centre
3-24 yrs old

School Description

founded in 2008 in Richmond and opened a new campus in Coquitlam in October 2010.

Our school, with students from all over the Greater Vancouver area, enjoys a good reputation largely due to its professional instructional system along with the serious and dedicated approach we have been using for years.  Taking on a “students-first” philosophy, our aim is to provide a rewarding learning experience to everyone who has a passion in dancing.  We offer systematic instructions in a supportive learning environment not just to shape the body, but also to nurture the mind.  With progressive curriculums specially designed for different skill levels, our training and practice provides opportunities for students to grow in their creativity and realize their potential.  This in turn fosters their determination and empowers them to express their insights of aesthetics in an assertive way.  As students are learning along, they will gain a better understanding of the significance of Chinese dance as a part of the Chinese culture, and use it to bring vibrancy to this country which prides itself for its multiculturalism.

In Richmond, the school is operated at a professional dance studio with an area of more than 2,000 square feet.  We offer classes of different levels for ages ranging from 4 years to adults, on Chinese dance, ballet, hip-hop, modeling, K-pop and others.  We have also established a youth dance group, dedicated for our 15-25 years old students who are aspired to become outstanding performers.  Over the past several years, we saw most of our students who challenged the Beijing Dance Academy Examination achieve either distinction or credit passes.  As well, a number of our students received awards in various dance competitions and pageants.

In the years of 2009 and 2011, under the leadership of its founder – Ms. Tracy Yue, the school brought to the audiences its foremost dance performance – “Dancing Passion”, in which both teachers and students showcased their skills and talents impeccably.

The school is also actively involved in community and charitable events.  Through partnership with various non-profit organizations such as senior homes and social services agencies, the school achieves its purpose of bringing the art of Chinese dance to the community.

In March 2013, two grand performance shows were held respectively in Richmond and Coquitlam to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the school.  In addition to providing an entertaining performance, the Richmond show was a charitable event to help raise funds for the Bethune Baiqiuen Canadian Alliance, which has a mission to better the medical facilities and equipment in the rural areas of China.  Indeed, these two performance shows were very successful, with high compliments received from the audiences in all aspects, including stage lighting, background slides, costumes, choreography and program scheduling.

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