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ClassTop finds the most suitable North American educational resource for your child.

Our education experts carefully select high-quality winter camps, summer camps, interest classes, tutoring classes, and extracurricular activities in major cities in North America, covering sports, art, music, language, technology, leadership and many other areas. Let your child experience North American culture and enhance international competitiveness while learning knowledge and exercising ability.

Our team will serve as a bridge between you and overseas high quality educational resources. We will help parents communicate with various camps and schools, understand school information and curriculum, respond to parents' requests, and carry out children’s study, accommodation, transportation, and three meals a day during camp time. We will make sure parent can choose school with ease.

Our Team

ClassTop was founded in April 2017 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Despite the high quality of educational resources in our city, the dads in our team often have a headache for picking the best resources for their children. After trying various extracurricular institutions, we deeply understand the importance of finding the right educational resources for our children.

Therefore, we have gathered a group of talented individuals with the passion for technology and education, and are committed to creating the best educational service website. We have picked the best educational resources in Vancouver and throughout North America to help parents find the right fit for their children.

The team brings together talents in education, design, IT, etc., all graduated from prestigious universities, such as the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, New York University, Manchester University, Simon Fraser University and others.

Our Product

ClassTopBase is an education management software created by ClassTop for educational institutions, students and parents. It provides an easy-to-use one-stop solution for educational institutions. We have collected the needs from thousands of educational institutions, teaching practitioners, and management experts, while working tirelessly with the best designers and engineers to both minimize and problems that arise from daily operation and maximize the productivity for any educational institutions.

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4380 Agar Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1A3
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