2019 TF Nature Camp for Preschoolers

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Prep Education in Canada

Founder Heather Fraser is a pioneer in Canadian forest education. His grandmother Susan Fraser is known as the Reggio Emerald grandmother in the Canadian education community. She is the first preschool education expert to introduce Reggio to Canada. Her work is the designated textbook for preschool education in the United States and Canada. The Reggio Education System is considered to be one of the best preschool education concepts in the world and is highly regarded in developed countries in Europe and America.

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Prep Education in Canada is currently the largest pre-school institution in the Vancouver region, with a combination of Reggio Education and Forest Education. It is a world-class natural environment with more than eight forest education bases in Vancouver. It is the only one. Recognized as a pre-school institution for the education of Reggio Forest Education on the campus of the world's top universities, the University of British Columbia (UBC), and also provides the Reggio Forest Education Program for all primary schools in Vancouver.

Course Features

In the nature department, the course will be carried out in the jungle and on the seashore to promote the children's all-round growth in the most natural way, let the children feel the nature and learn to deal with the environment;

Let the natural environment stimulate children's interest in learning, and train children's observation, discriminating power, hands-on ability, resilience and critical thinking by measuring the game forms such as trunk, wild fishing, and planting flowers;

Fully integrated into the original English life scene, high-frequency dialogue with teachers and small partners in authentic English, laying a solid foundation for children's English learning and accent training;

Entertain and entertain, play well! Chinese children at the Canada Forest Baby Experience Camp will experience world-class Reggio forest education in the forest through play and inquiry learning, just like Canadian children of the same age:

  • It’s very fun to learn: how big a big tree is, how many leaves, practice constructing and interpreting stories, learning mathematical physics through physical operations, practicing abstract thinking skills...
  • Have fun: play house, play games, make stories, develop physical fitness...
  • Play with teamwork: collaborate to build, develop game rules, work together to solve problems, adjust self-emotion, follow game rules, negotiate with people, learn to get along with peers...
  • Have fun with art: singing, listening to stories, painting...


March 16 - March 30, 2019, two weeks.

6 groups of families form a group, no more than 12 families

Each family consists of one child (3-6 years old) and one accompanying parent


Monday to Friday (8:30am-4:30pm)

The children participate in the experience camp under the leadership of professional kindergarten teachers in Canada; parents are free to participate in various activities organized by our organization;

In the past two weeks, we also arranged for parents to arrange hiking, shopping, education with preschool children, and sharing parenting experiences with Canadian parents.

Saturday and Sunday

Collective outdoor tours and experience North American culture


Before the end of the experience camp, each child will receive a Canadian Certificate of Study issued by Prep Education in Canada.


2019 TF Nature Camp for Preschoolers

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