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2019 TF Nature Camp for Preschoolers

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Receive north American advanced pre-school education in a Canadian forest

Chinese children in the Canadian forest baby experience camp will experience world-class reggio forest through play and exploratory learning just like their Canadian peers.

Play very learned: measure uncle how thick, count the leaves, practice construction and interpretation of the story, through the physical operation of mathematical physics knowledge, practice abstract thinking ability...
It was fun: playing house, playing games, making up stories, physical development...
Play team cooperation: cooperate to build, make rules of the game, solve problems together, regulate my emotions, abide by the rules of the game, negotiate with others, learn to get along with peers...
It was very artistic: singing, listening to stories, drawing...
Real contact with pure American English

Students accept baby forest camp experience in Canada is Canada's original raj the forest pre-school education, although not specifically to learn English, but Chinese kids have a chance to use English in real full English situation, and through with the Canadian English teacher in a high frequency, key words and conversation practice, master the correct pronunciation of some pure American English, the language practice a deeper, more lasting, this is for baby Canada forest camp experience unexpected harvest!

Date and number of participants:

March 16, 2019 - March 30, 2019, two weeks.

Six groups of families, no more than 12 groups of families

Each family includes one child (aged 3-6) and one accompanying parent


Monday to Friday (8:30am-4:30pm) :

The child participates in the experience camp under the leadership of the Canadian professional preschool teacher; Parents are free to participate in all kinds of activities organized by us;

In the past two weeks, we have arranged activities for parents, such as hiking, shopping, education seminar with preschool children, and parenting experience sharing with Canadian parents.

Saturday and Sunday:

Group outdoor activities to experience north American culture

Canadian study certificate:

Before the end of the camp, each child will receive a Canadian learning certificate issued by education, a pre-school program in spring, Canada

Registration deadline:

January 31, 2019

2019 TF Nature Camp for Preschoolers

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