STEM Summer Camp - Sagernew Chinese Academy (West Vancouver)

  • Science
  • English
  • Summer
  • Technology
  • Mixed with Local Students
  • Accommodation Included
  • Flight Ticket Not Included
West Vancouver

About the Host

Canada Youth Robotics Club is a non-profit club focused on robotics education. With experienced K-12 instructors and students serving as its core members, Canada Youth Robotics Club is committed to improving the visibility and knowledge of robotics education in Canada. The main activities of the Canada Youth Robotics Club include community classes, speaker events, and robotic competitions.


A two weeks summer camp provides Robotics and Robotics competition courses, aligning with North American STEM education standard. During our camp, your children will have a chance to work with local students in groups to practice their skills and participate in the robotics competition. 

Students will get to know Canadian culture through our engaging classes, which values interaction and application. In the meanwhile, we will take field trips to universities in Vancouver, and help students to make plans for their future studies in North America. 

Best for elementary and secondary school students from age 8 - 18

Attend STEM Fair, which will get kids interested in science and get to know science. Also, children will improve their abilities in interpersonal communication, English proficiency, mathematics, technology, arts, science, etc. 

For the kids who love science, and want to work in the medical / tech industry, STEM Fair will benefit them significantly in their future career. 


Day 1

Arrive safely at the beautiful Vancouver airport. School bus will pick up students and send them to the camp.  

Day 2

Visit Canada Place, Granville Island

Day 3

Visit Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park

Day 4

Visit British Columbia University, Museum of Anthropology

Day 5

Visit local schools or local tech companies; Simon Fraser University

Day 6

Visit Science World,Gastown

Day 7

Robotics Related English Speaking Class,Astronomy Class

Day 8

Electronic Engineering Class,3D Printer Ckass

Day 9

Introductiont to Robotics Class

Day 10

Advanced Robotics Class

Day 11

Preparation for STEM Fair Day 

Day 12

STEM Fair Day 

Day 13 - 14

End of Summer Camp


Price including accommodation, 3 meals per day, pick up & drive to the airport, transportation, attraction tickets, driver fee, tour guide fee, tuition, insurance (Vancouver local)

Price NOT including flight ticket, visa fees

Accommodation: Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel(or same level hotel)2-bedroom / /Homestay

Meals:Chinese food & western food 

Local Transportation:school bus or bus

Registration Deadline:June 2019


STEM Summer Camp - Sagernew Chinese Academy (West Vancouver)

CAD $1050 5 (Tax: )

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